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Chicagoland TAP

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The TAP Handicap System is a universal Handicap system that runs through the TAP POOLNet Database System.


Handicaps range from 2, being the most novice/new to the sport to 7, being the most advanced.


All Handicaps are determined by the use of the TAP Score Sheet/ TAP the APP entries. Good input in, gives good output out.


All balls should be accounted for as players are keeping score. The Handicap system will calculate the Players Handicaps out from there.


All data on the Score Sheet has some type of weight or part of the Handicap. As licensees and their staff enter Score Sheets into POOLNet, each score sheet gets a Handicap valuation that only corporate staff can see. The system takes a total number of weeks into account and adjusts each time a score sheet is input. So a player can lose and go up and vice versa, as the older weeks drop off.


The tournament Handicaps put more weight on certain results and there are more amount of weeks of score sheets considered into the tournament Handicap, so that it goes back further to include not only weekly play, but local tournament play and national tournament play. It also includes all table size results as well.


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