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Benefits Of Studying Scriptures Regularly

It is incredibly valuable to regularly take time to study the holy scriptures. There are several things that take away the focus and devotion Christians should have on the scriptures. The psalmist was inspired to write about how precious God’s thoughts are and how vast are God’s thoughts as revealed in the bible. The regular personal and fellowship study of the bible is beneficial in the following ways.

Regular study of the scriptures is necessary for life’s direction.

As is mentioned, the word of God is the lamp that shines on the feet and path believers must take in their journey to the kingdom. Christians who regularly study the bible are assured of guidance to move in the right direction in their lives. Regular Bible studies assure believers that God is still in control even as they go through difficulties and uncharted waters of this life.

When believers consistently study the scriptures, they gain confidence that the caring God will answer their prayers according to His will. If you read in the book of John 15:7 where Jesus promised to answer anything Christians ask for and they will receive it as long as we abide in Him and His words become part of our daily life . That goes to say the bible is an avenue of reaching God’s heart and mind to be part of your life and anyone around you. It is clear that when believers read and study the scriptures on a regular basis and with a sincere heart, God promises to answer their prayers with delight.

Studying the scriptures on a regular basis strengthens the believers’ faith. It is in the book of Romans 10:17 that Paul mentions that faith comes when someone hears through Christ’s word. When you are exposed to the word of God, there is always a spark of faith that is evoked.

Routine study of scriptures also help a lot in offering nourishment for believers to help them mature. Jesus mentioned that a man cannot live by bread alone but by every word that God speaks. It is therefore important for Christians to realize that the life they have is not only meant for pleasures and ordinary pursuits. While you need food to survive, as a Christian you also need spiritual nourishment so that you can grow spiritually and overcome the temptations and challenges you will face in this life.

If you want to build a stronger resistance to life’s numerous temptations, you need the word of God. When you study the scriptures on a regular basis, you become strong enough to say no to sin and lead a life of obedience and service.

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