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Tips in Determining the Kind of Paint to Use

It is essential to recognize the sort of paint that is at present on your structure before you put on another layer of paint. On the off chance that you utilize an inappropriate kind of paint, you could discover it stripping a week or so later. This could be an over the top expensive suggestion since great paint can cost upwards of $40 per gallon.

Oil and Water Based

You may recollect from your secondary school science class, that oil and water don’t blend. All paints and stains are either oil or water-based and when they are joined, the outcomes can be tragic.

All the more explicitly, water-based paints can’t adhere to the oil-based item, therefore it runs or strips. Since water paints sit on the highest point of the surface, the oil-based items can’t infiltrate the wood and never set.

The Transparency Test

Most oil-based paints are intended to sink into the wood. Stains and varnishes can without much of a stretch be distinguished by looking at the outside of the structure. On the off chance that you can see the wood grain and the stain just hues and improves the wood, it is an oil-based item being utilized.

Be that as it may, increasingly more non-straightforward stains are being utilized. These stains despite everything sink into the wood, yet they give the presence of paint by covering all parts of the surface. Therefore, the straightforwardness test can be trusted to decide straightforward oil-based items, however, it ought not to be the main strategy for deciding strong or semi-straightforward paints.

The Goof Off Test

Since some oil-based paints display similar attributes of water-based paints, the Goof Off test ought to be utilized before any painting is finished.

Buffoon and comparative items expel a wide range of things, for example, oil, markers, and latex (water-based) paints. Pay a container of a buffoon at your nearby home improvement shop. There are different brands accessible, simply ensure it says that it evacuates latex paint.

Drench a cloth with a tad of buffoon and locate an unnoticeable spot on your divider to test. Begin scouring the divider with the wet piece of the cloth (wear gloves). On the off chance that the paint begins falling off, it is a water-based paint. On the off chance that the paint is as of now stripping, ensure that you see proof that the buffoon is really separating the paint. The paint will air pocket or look as though it’s softening or wet.

Changing over Oil to Latex
You might need to utilize latex since it is a lot simpler to work with. Numerous more established houses have oil-based paint since that was essentially utilized previously. On the off chance that your structure is secured with a strong oil-based paint, you should utilize an introduction first. The groundwork will bond with the divider and give a surface to the latex paint to adhere to. At the point when you go to your paint store, ensure you disclose to them you are covering oil-based with latex paint and they will ensure you get the correct preliminary.

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